SRH Campus Dresden

Why SRH?

Study with us today what will be in demand in the future.

Studying with perspective

With over 50 years of experience, SRH has managed to build a solid foundation to support people on their educational journey. From our experience, we have come to understand that everyone learns differently, and with this in mind students at SRH are supported individually. At SRH we rely on a new innovative study concept “CORE”. This concept moves away from traditional teaching methods and leans towards a more active approach.

The SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

We shape the future

Archieving diversity together

The Dresden School of Management is one of six schools across three locations including Berlin, Dresden, and Hamburg. All together we form The SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences. A point we pride ourselves on is our diversity, across our six campus we have teachers and students from over 100 nations. This supports our almost 65 accredited German and English-language study programmes in the fields of new management and entrepreneurship, media and creative industries, technology and IT, music, design, film and text.

Networking and being international

Our foundation has allowed us to create a network across our multiple campuses. Therefore, our teaching links different subjects and provides unique perspectives.

As mentioned, we pride ourselves on diversity, therefore we encourage students from all over the world to join our community and pursue their curiosity and passions. We are always on the search for innovative knowledge and promote change through inspiration, interaction, and diversity.