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Interdisciplinary study

It pays to think outside the box

Thanks to the diverse range of courses offered at the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences and our networking with the university landscape in Dresden, you can expand your knowledge here beyond the content of your studies. With the "Studium Integrale" and the "Our semesters are colourful" programmes, you can take interdisciplinary courses and thus individually expand your key competences.

Extracurricular Courses

Extracurricular Courses Customise your studies

Whether it's abstract painting or design thinking, innovation strategies or virtual reality, public performance or business basics... at SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences you can take additional courses along with your regular study programme to broaden your horizons. The only requirement: it must fit into your timetable. And the best thing about it: it's free of charge.

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Your individual semester

Your individual semester Wild Studies

Do you want even more flexibility? Why not "study wild"? SRH Berlin is the only university in Germany that offers an extracurricular Wild Studies semester, in which you can put together your own individual timetable and study "outside the box". The only requirement: you have to apply for it. The best part: you only pay a low, one-off fee instead of your regular monthly fees!

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Your match away from home

Your match away from home SRH Campus Switch

The SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences has schools in different cities – an advantage compared to smaller universities in just one place. You can take advantage of this and, if you feel like it, simply change campuses. Students of the Dresden School of Management can enjoy a semester in the booming and vibrant capital, while a "Berliner" might prefer the quality of life of a smaller city for one semester.

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In cooperation with the Dresden University of Applied Sciences (HTW), we offer our students the opportunity to take selected modules at other universities in Dresden. This gives you the opportunity to develop your studies in an interdisciplinary way and to expand your key competences in a completely individual way.

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