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Studium Integrale

Promote your interdisciplinary thinking

Are you interested in things that lie outside your subject area? With the Studium Integrale you can take modules at other universities in Dresden and thus expand your knowledge.

Complex problems in the modern working world require a holistic approach, the solution of which is usually only possible in cooperation with other disciplines. To prepare you for this, the Dresden School of Management, in cooperation with the Dresden University of Applied Sciences (HTW), offers you the opportunity to study Integral Studies. With the modules offered there, you can structure your studies in an interdisciplinary way and develop your key competences individually.

Four steps to register
  1. For the modules of the Dresden School of Management, please register using the registration form. For the modules of the HTW, please select your desired events here:*.
  2. Attend the course. Attend the course and take the certificate(s) of achievement.
  3. Have the lecturer confirm your achievements on the Studium Integrale certificate.
  4. Submit it to the examination office and have it credited to your degree programme, if possible.
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