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Diversity Management

For our students:
For our students:

Equal opportunities and integration

At the Dresden School of Management, we want all students to be treated with tolerance and respect, regardless of ethnic, religious and social backgrounds. International students generally receive the same starting conditions as German students. This also applies to students with disabilities or chronic illnesses. At our university students are treated on an equal footing, regardless of health conditions.
Bringing people from different backgrounds and life experiences together opens us up to multiple perspectives, increasing our ability to create and innovate and our productivity.

Prof. Dr Jana Stolz-Römmermann is the equality and integration officer for the SRH Dresden School of Management. She advocates for compliance with equal opportunity policies at the university. In addition, she offers consultation hours on the topics of equality and integration for all students and employees.

Excerpt: Integration guidelines

§1 Guiding Principle Tolerance and Cosmopolitanism

"SRH University of Applied Sciences Berlin welcomes every student and employee, regardless of their ethnic, religious, or social background, who meets the professional requirements, treats fellow students/colleagues with tolerance and respect, and observes the values of our mission statement in their work at our university. We promote intercultural competence and strongly encourage our students to study abroad."

The foundation of diversity is uniqueness.
Ernst Ferstl
Our door is always open for you.