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Head of Study Programme

Prof. Dr. Farzaneh Soleimani Zoghi

Professor of Business Administration | Head of Programme Business Psychology

Office hours by arrangement
Room: Zi. 300
Phone: +49 351 407617 53
About me

About me

Dresden School of Management - eine School der SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Professor for Business Administration Head of Study programme B.Sc. Wirtschaftspsychologie
MBA Essentials online certificate course The London School of Economics and Politics Science (LSE)
PhD in Marketing and Production Management Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey Thesis title: “The Effect of Relational Risk Perception on Supply Chain Performance in Strategic Alliances”
Foreign Trade Consultant (Part Time Job- 25 Hours Per Week) Sinour Co., Tabriz, Iran. I was responsible for following tasks: To support the company in its efforts to achieve export growth in Turkey. To develop contact with buyers
Turkish Language C Certificate Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey
Marketing Manager (Full Time Job – 40 Hours Per Week) Barg Instrumentations Engineering Co., Tehran, Iran. I was responsible for the following tasks: Collaborate with the sales manager to develop and execute marketing strategies and
Master of Arts in International Marketing Tehran Azad University, Tehran, Iran Thesis title: “The Examination of Effective Factors on Sales of Instrumentation in the Industrial Markets of Iran”
Foreign Trade Manager (Full Time Job – 40 Hours Per Week) Sinour Co., Tabriz, Iran. I was responsible for the following tasks: Manage the import/export process. Plan and coordinate the international shipment of goods. Document s
Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature Tabriz University, Tabriz, Iran

I have contributed to these publications

Khiabani, Shahi, Moghadam and Soleimani Zoghi, (2018) “Futurity of Muslim Women- Family Life and Work in Western Societies”, Malakeh Shahizadeh and Farzaneh Soleimani Zoghi editors, Kulturabteilung der Botschaft der Iran, Berlin.

Soleimani Zoghi, F (2019) “An Empirical Study on the Impact of Risk Perception on Consumers’ Buying Intention in Germany”, Journal of Economics, Business, Politics and International Relations. DOI: 10.19275/RSEP060

Schuhmann R., and Zoghi F. S., (2018) “Survey on Risk Management Practices in Turkish and German SMEs”, Athens: ATINER’S Conference Paper Series, NO: SME2017-2391.

Soleimani Zoghi F. and Arslan F. M., (2017) “The Effect of Relational Risk Perception on Supplier’s Performance; An Empirical Study on Turkish Strategic Alliances”, Review of Socio-Economic Perspectives, Vol. 2, Issue 2.

Soleimani Zoghi F., (2017) "Risk Management Practices and SMEs: An empirical study on Turkish SMEs," International Journal of Trade, Economics and Finance vol. 8, no.2, pp. 123-127.

Bilgen I. and Soleimani Zoghi F., (2017) “A research on the impact of EWOM source credibility and personal innovativeness on online shopping intention in Turkish customers,” Journal of Management, Marketing and Logistics, Vol.4, pp. 143-151.

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Soleimani Zoghi F., (2016) “The Effect of Decision-Makers’ Personal Characteristics on Relational Risk Perception: An Empirical Study on Turkish Strategic,” CILIVICA Online Journal.

Soleimani Zoghi F., and Ergen A., (2010) “A Paradigm of Entrepreneurship: Sustainable Entrepreneurship,” CILIVICA Online Journal.

Soleimani Zoghi F., (2008) “Market Analysis; Examination of effective factors on sales of instrumentation in industrial market of Iran”, Magazine of Industrial Automation, Control & Instrumentation, No.90, PP 33-41.