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Welcome to our Language Centre

You want to acquire international competencies?

Foreign languages are used to communicate with other cultures, broaden your horizons and activate your synapses. Do you want to work internationally after your studies? Due to the globalization and the internationalization of German companies, you have the best chances with strong language skills.
As part of our internationally oriented courses of study, we prepare you for your personal, professional path. Our Language Centre is the first point of contact for all language-related matters:

  • We organize the language courses on campus for our students.
  • We advise and support students before and during their language training.
  • We perform placement tests on the different language levels (A1-C2).
  • We issue language certificates.
  • We help you find a tandem partner
Only those who know the goal will find the way.

We closely coordinate learning objectives, teaching content and methods as well as types of examinations. This consistent constructive alignment characterises all our degree programmes.

Our language offers

Our language courses are almost exclusively led by native speakers. They enable our students to study in a practice-oriented language course, at no additional cost. The language modules are action-oriented and intercultural.
We offer you a variety of languages in different levels. At the Dresden School of Management, you can currently choose between eight language courses:

  • English
  • French
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Arabic
  • Spanish
  • German as a foreign language

Did you know that there are an incredible 6,500 languages in the world? If you want a different language than our program offers - ask. Further language courses are possible if a minimum number of 10 students is achieved. All language courses are open and free of charge for you as a student of the Dresden School of Management. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you on all matters relating to the colorful world of languages.

At a glance

  • Examination of the 4 language skills writing, reading, listening, and speaking
  • Questions are based on authentic situations of professional life
  • Assessment according to GER (Gemeinsamer Europäischer Referenzrahmen für Sprachen)
  • The fee: 150 €
  • Registration: Possible at the beginning of the semester via form
  • Test frequency: once per semester
Preparation for your test.
Preparation for your test.

Useful tools for you.

Tandem programme
Tandem programme

Together to the finish line

In a tandem program, native speakers of different languages help each other to improve their language skills. If you for example want to learn Spanish, you meet a Spaniard who wants to improve his/her English language skills. Talking to a tandem partner is a great way for both of you to round off your existing knowledge.
To find a tandem partner please contact us with information about your native language and the language you would like to learn. We match students who want to pass on their language knowledge and seek support in return. A Win-Win situation: Students are able to help each other learn while making new friends along the way.
Participating in a tandem program, allows you not only to exchange knowledge, but also strengthen your intercultural and communication skills. A big advantage of this learning method is that you can learn outside of class. You can meet with your tandem partner in a café, restaurants, museums, etc. This improves your listening comprehension and language skills. Additionally, the relaxed atmosphere stimulates the process and helps learners to apply their language skills in real life.

Do you have questions about our language centre?

We are happy to be there for you.